Bayesian networks

Artificial Intelligence software for reasoning, detection, diagnostics & automated decision making.

Build data and/or expert driven solutions to complex problems using Bayesian networks, also known as Belief networks.

Our advanced technology is used in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Space, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Health, Finance and other advanced sectors.

Typical use cases: Predictive maintenance, Anomaly detection, Smart manufacturing, Risk modeling, Smart Diagnostic/troubleshooting applications.

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Automated descriptive analytics

Instead of analyzing hundreds of charts, use automated descriptive analytics to enable the automatic extraction of significant insight from data.

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Diagnostic analytics

From diagnosing faulty equipment to identifying diseases from symptoms, build powerful diagnostics and reasoning applications.

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Predictive analytics

Bayes Server™ not only supports prediction based on complex and hidden relationships in data, but also allows reasoning from outputs to inputs, diagnostics, anomaly detection & time series.

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Prescriptive analytics

Bayes Server™ models can include costs and decisions, that make decision making possible when uncertainty is present (Decision Automation, Decision Graphs).

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Advanced APIs

In addition to an advanced User Interface, Bayes Server can be driven programmatically via a number of advanced APIs, that include all the features of the User Interface and more.

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