Solution areas

Gearbox failure
Anomaly detection

From generation, refining to distribution, monitor complex sensor data from critical assets such as gear-boxes and compressors to detect anomalous behavior and for predictive maintenance.

Plant diagnostics
Smart Diagnostics

Build intelligent solutions to diagnose / troubleshoot complex systems or components fitted with sensors, such as engines, gearboxes and compressors.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

Move beyond Fault Trees, Event Trees, Bow-Tie models & FMECA toward sophisticated risk analysis approaches with Bayes Server.

Energy trading
Energy Trading

Encode expert trading expertise. Improve decision making by automating / augmenting cross-commodity decisioning with a global reasoning system. Make trading decisions based on both experts and data. Monitor patterns and trends to ensure your models can be trusted. Model market and counter-party risks.

Industry 5.0

Build intelligent monitoring into your smart manufacturing processes. Can be deployed local to devices (edge) and/or centralized.

Who we work with

  • National infrastructure & generation companies
Products & distribution
  • Fortune 50 and FTSE 50 publicly traded oil and gas companies
Trading & Innovation
  • World renowned energy R&D innovation departments
  • Government innovation departments
  • Energy trading departments for big oil majors

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