Solution areas

Smart Diagnostics & Reasoning

Use artificial intelligence guided Q&A, to iteratively collect information on many possible symptoms and reduce uncertainty about many possible diseases. Systems can be built using expertise from multiple experts and also incorporate data. Bayes Server can automatically determine the best questions to ask.

Decision making robot
Augmented decision making

Make rational, and explainable cost based decisions when there is uncertainty and incomplete information. Make prescriptive decisions in complex uncertain domains containing many symptoms, diseases and treatments with associated costs.

Causal artificial intellgence
Causal AI

Use causal models, causal inference & causal optimization, to quantify cause and effect relationships and make optimal causal aware decisions based on real world data. Causal Artificial Intelligence is used by policy/decision makers such as governments and heath-care executives.

Healthcare monitoring
Health monitoring

Use advanced anomaly detection techniques to monitor complex sensor data from multiple sources. Trace the root cause, and the impact of different sensors

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

Move beyond Fault Trees, Event Trees, Bow-Tie models & FMECA toward sophisticated risk analysis approaches with Bayes Server.

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  • Well known global leaders in artificial intelligent assisted health-care
  • Leading health-care equipment manufacturers

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