Solution areas

Mars rover concept
Autonomous Reasoning

Reduce uncertainty when operating in complex environments with unknown or incomplete information, by the repeated use of AI guided questioning/sensing and updating beliefs based on responses. Build agents using data and/or experts that can then adapt when deployed.

Aero engine maintenance
Diagnostics / troubleshooting

Build solutions to troubleshoot and diagnose complex equipment fitted with sensors, such as aero-engines and gearboxes.

Decision making robot
Autonomous decision making

Make rational cost based decisions in complex uncertain environments, such as those where communication is delayed or cut-off, or when AI can outperform humans in terms of accuracy/speed/cost.

Gearbox failure
Anomaly detection

Monitor complex sensor data from critical assets to detect anomalous behavior and for predictive maintenance.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

Move beyond Fault Trees, Event Trees, Bow-Tie models & FMECA toward sophisticated risk analysis approaches with Bayes Server.

Automated insight
Autonomous insight

Identify groups and relationships in data that were previously unknown.

Who we work with

  • Fortune 50 global aerospace manufacturers
  • FTSE 100 global aerospace manufacturers
  • Leading aero-engine manufacturers
  • Public space agencies and suppliers
  • Leading private spacecraft manufacturers
  • Recognized private spaceflight services companies
  • Fortune 50 multinational defense companies
  • FTSE 100 multinational defense companies
  • Government, private and research organizations

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