Solution areas

Car diagnostics
Smart Diagnostics

Build intelligent solutions to diagnose / troubleshoot complex systems or components fitted with sensors, such as engines and gearboxes.

Augmented Reasoning

Reduce uncertainty when performing complex root cause analysis with many unknown factors or incomplete information, by the repeated use of AI guided testing, updating beliefs as further information is gathered. Build intelligent tools using data and/or experts.

Decision making robot
Autonomous decision making

Make rational cost based decisions in complex uncertain environments, such as when AI can outperform humans in terms of accuracy/speed/cost. Enables next best action under uncertainty and takes into account costs.

Gearbox failure
Anomaly detection

Monitor complex sensor data from critical assets to detect anomalous behavior and for predictive maintenance.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

Move beyond Fault Trees, Event Trees, Bow-Tie models & FMECA toward sophisticated risk analysis approaches with Bayes Server.

Industry 5.0

Build intelligent monitoring into your smart manufacturing processes. Can be deployed local to devices (edge) and/or centralized.

Who we work with

  • Global automotive manufacturers
  • Global original equipment manufacturers
  • World renowned automotive R&D innovation departments

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