Bayes Server supports advanced D-Separation calculations whether via the API or the User Interface.

D-Separation computes the influence of one group of nodes A on another group of nodes B and is conditional on the current evidence.


Bayes Server have developed advanced algorithms to make these computations efficient.

D-Separation display

D-Separation display

This option allows you to select one or more source nodes, and the results of a d-separation query are automatically displayed on the network. Results are updated dynamically as evidence changes.

Key to colors


Note that if a node is instantiated it will simply not display a color

D-Separation query

This option allows you to perform more complex d-separation queries, including those which involve temporal nodes in a Dynamic Bayesian network (DBN).

Simply select a set of source nodes and a set of test nodes. For temporal nodes, they must be assigned a time, however the same temporal node can be added more than once if the associated times differ.