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Data explorer


Data explorer provides a read only view of data stored in a variety of data sources, and allows data to be mapped to variables in a Bayesian network or Dynamic Bayesian network, in order to set evidence.

This allows the use of familiar databases or spreadsheets to manage evidence data, and provides an easy mechanism to load different sets of evidence into a Bayesian network or Dynamic Bayesian network quickly.


  • Discrete data
  • Continuous data
  • Mapping continuous data to discretized variables
  • Interventions (Do evidence)
  • Missing data
  • Temporal data for Dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs)

Data explorer loads data into memory, so large data sets are not supported. This does not preclude larger data sets from being used elsewhere in Bayes Server (e.g. Parameter Learning).

Data explorer


Interventions are supported if required. See the Data Map dialog for more information.

The Clear toggle button determines whether all evidence is cleared, when evidence is applied. When True, all evidence is cleared first, irrespective of whether a variable is mapped to data.