Network viewer

Network Viewer allows visualization and editing of Bayesian networks and Dynamic Bayesian networks.

Network viewer



A node can be added in one of the following ways:

Node toolbar

A number of icons can be displayed in the Node toolbar, which is displayed at the bottom of each node, unless turned off on the View tab on the main window toolbar.

A tooltip is shown when hovering over each button, indicating its functionality.

Key to node toolbar


Temporal nodes may required multiple distributions. If any of these distributions have not been defined, the indicator will be displayed.

A link can be added in one of the following ways:


Any currently selected nodes are used to automatically populate the From and To nodes in the New Link window.


A temporal link connects temporal nodes in a Dynamic Bayesian network, and has an associated temporal order which is specified when the link is created. If the order is greater than zero, a circle containing the order will be displayed in the middle of the link.

Zooming and Scrolling

Zooming can be performed in the following ways:

Network viewer zoom box

Context menu

The Network Viewer context menu is shown on right mouse click.

It contains shortcuts to elements on the Main window and also: