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Joint query in Java

package com.bayesserver.examples;

import com.bayesserver.CLGaussian;
import com.bayesserver.Network;
import com.bayesserver.State;
import com.bayesserver.Variable;
import com.bayesserver.inference.*;

public class JointQueryExample {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {

Network network = new Network();

// TODO download the network from the Bayes Server User Interface (or Bayes Server Online)
// and adjust the following path

Variable cluster = network.getVariables().get("Cluster", true);
Variable sepalLength = network.getVariables().get("Sepal length", true);
Variable sepalWidth = network.getVariables().get("Sepal width", true);
Variable petalLength = network.getVariables().get("Petal length", true);
Variable petalWidth = network.getVariables().get("Petal width", true);

// The loaded network happens to be a mixture of multi-variate Gaussians
// but could have additional/different structure

InferenceFactory factory = new RelevanceTreeInferenceFactory();
Inference inference = factory.createInferenceEngine(network);
QueryOptions queryOptions = factory.createQueryOptions();
QueryOutput queryOutput = factory.createQueryOutput();

queryOptions.setLogLikelihood(true); // set this to true to calculate the log(pdf) === log-likelihood

Evidence evidence = inference.getEvidence();

// set some evidence
evidence.set(petalLength, 3.1);

// query a uni-variate mixture of Gaussians

CLGaussian queryMixture = new CLGaussian(new Variable[]{sepalLength, cluster});

// also add a marginal query
CLGaussian queryMarginal = new CLGaussian(sepalWidth);

// we could add other queries here ...

inference.query(queryOptions, queryOutput);

double logLikelihood = queryOutput.getLogLikelihood();

System.out.println(String.format("Log-likelihood %f, pdf %f", logLikelihood, Math.exp(logLikelihood)));


System.out.println("Conditional mixture of Gaussians...");

for(State clusterState : cluster.getStates()) {

double weight = queryMixture.getTable().get(clusterState);
double mean = queryMixture.getMean(sepalLength, clusterState);
double variance = queryMixture.getVariance(sepalLength, clusterState);

System.out.println(String.format("Weight %f, mean %f, variance %f", weight, mean, variance));



"Sepal width | evidence, mean %f, variance %f",