Bayesian networks & Causal AI

Artificial Intelligence software for reasoning, detection, diagnostics, automated decision making and causal inference.

Build data and/or expert driven solutions to complex problems using Bayesian networks, also known as Belief networks.

Our advanced technology is used in Aerospace, Defence, Automotive, Space, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Health, Finance and other advanced sectors.

Example use cases: Predictive maintenance, Anomaly detection, Smart manufacturing, Risk modeling, Smart Diagnostic/troubleshooting applications.

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Automated descriptive analytics

Instead of analyzing hundreds of charts, use automated descriptive analytics to enable the automatic extraction of significant insight from data.

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Diagnostic analytics

From diagnosing faulty equipment to identifying diseases from symptoms, build powerful diagnostics and reasoning applications.

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Predictive analytics

Bayes Server™ not only supports prediction based on complex and hidden relationships in data, but also allows reasoning from outputs to inputs, diagnostics, anomaly detection & time series.

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Prescriptive analytics

Bayes Server™ models can include costs and decisions, that make decision making possible when uncertainty is present (Decision Automation, Decision Graphs or Evidence optimization).

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Advanced APIs

In addition to an advanced User Interface, Bayes Server can be driven programmatically via a number of advanced APIs, that include all the features of the User Interface and more.

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Solution areas

Mars rover concept
Autonomous Reasoning

Reduce uncertainty when operating in complex environments with unknown or incomplete information, by the repeated use of AI guided questioning/sensing and updating beliefs based on responses. Build agents using data and/or experts that can then adapt when deployed.

Aero engine maintenance
Diagnostics / troubleshooting

Build solutions to troubleshoot and diagnose complex problems, such as aero-engines, gearboxes & patients.

Decision making robot
Autonomous decision making

Make rational cost based decisions in complex uncertain environments, such as those where communication is delayed or cut-off, or when AI can outperform humans in terms of accuracy/speed/cost.

Gearbox failure
Health monitoring & Anomaly detection

Use advanced anomaly detection techniques to monitor complex data, such as sensor data or market data, to detect anomalous behavior and provide early warning of failure or other potentially catastrophic or costly events.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis

Move beyond Fault Trees, Event Trees, Bow-Tie models & FMECA toward sophisticated risk analysis approaches with Bayes Server.

Automated insight
Autonomous insight

Identify groups and relationships in data that were previously unknown.


Mars rover concept
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Health monitoring

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