Tutorial 9 - Discovering insight

In this tutorial we use a Comparison query to discover insight from a network.

The following concepts will be covered:


Bayes Server must be installed, before starting this tutorial. An evaluation version can be downloaded from the Downloads page

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Open the model

We will use the Asia sample network installed with Bayes Server.


If the Start page is not set to display on start up, or has been closed, click the Start page button, on the View tab, General group.

Asia network

Comparison query

In order to discover insight about Smokers we will use a Comparison query.


We could also use Auto insight to automatically extract insight and dynamically drill down to finer grained insight.

Set base evidence

Comparison query

Automated insight

Using a comparison query gives you ultimate flexibility, however using Auto Insight provides a quick and dynamic way of discovering insight.

First, remove the comparison query we created in the previous section.


We are now in the same state as when we opened the network.

This will launch the Auto Insight window.

The insight displayed is ranked in order of importance.

We can also dynamically drill down into the results.

The auto insight window should look like this:

Auto insight