Main window

For an introduction to Bayes Server see Getting started.

The Main window allows multiple Bayesian networks and Dynamic Bayesian networks to be loaded in the same environment.


At the top of the Main window is the ribbon Toolbar which operates in the same way as the Microsoft Office toolbars.


Hover the mouse over toolbar buttons to get descriptions and shortcut keys. Press the Alt key to navigate the ribbon toolbar.

Network Tab

Main window network tab

Query Tab

Main window query tab

Data Tab

Main window data tab

Analysis tab

Main window analysis tab

View Tab

Main window view tab

File Tab

Main window file tab


The following explorers are central to editing, entering evidence, and querying both Bayesian networks and Dynamic networks.

If an explorer is not visible, click the View tab on the ribbon toolbar, followed by the relevant explorer button.

Start page

The Start page is shown by default when Bayes Server is launched. To change this behavior, see Options.

It contains links to create a new network, open an existing network, and displays a list of recent items, which are maintained on a per user basis. A recent network can be opened by clicking the item in the list.


A recent item can be fixed to the recent item list, by clicking the Pin button, located to the left of the recent item.

Network Viewer

Each network is visualized using a network viewer.