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BayesServer.Inference Namespace

Contains interfaces for performing probabilistic inference with a Bayesian network, such as calculating posterior probabilities and log-likelihoods. See the RelevanceTreeInference class for an algorithm that implements the necessary interfaces.
Public classEvidence
Represents the evidence, or case data (e.g. row in a database) used in a query.
Public classEvidenceChangedEventArgs
Contains information passed by Changed.
Public classInconsistentEvidenceException
Exception raised when either inconsistent evidence is detected, or underflow has occurred.
Public classInferenceFactoryAttribute
An attribute that can be applied to classes implementing IInferenceFactory. It provides additional information about the inference algorithm.
Public classQueryDistribution
Defines a distribution to be queried in a call to Query.
Public classQueryDistributionCollection
The collection of distributions to be calculated by a Query. See IQueryDistributionCollection.
Public classQueryExecutedEventArgs
Contains information passed by QueryExecuted.
Public classQueryExecutingEventArgs
Contains information passed by QueryExecuting.
Public classSoftEvidence
Helper methods for manipulating soft/virtual evidence.
Public classTreeQuery
Contains methods to determine properties of a Bayesian network or Dynamic Bayesian network when converted to a tree for inference.
Public classTreeQueryOptions
Options which affect the calculation performed by a TreeQuery.
Public classTreeQueryOutput
Contains information output by a TreeQuery.
Public interfaceIEvidence
Represents the evidence, or case data (e.g. row in a database) used in a query.
Public interfaceIInference
The interface for a Bayesian network inference algorithm, which is used to perform queries such as calculating posterior probabilities and log-likelihood values for a case.
Public interfaceIInferenceFactory
Uses the factory design pattern to create inference related objects for inference algorithms.
Public interfaceIQueryDistributionCollection
The collection of distributions to be calculated by a Query. Only request those that you need.
Public interfaceIQueryOptions
Options that govern the calculations performed by Query.
Public interfaceIQueryOutput
Returns any information, in addition to the distributions, that is requested from a query. For example the log-likelihood.
Public enumerationDecisionAlgorithm
The type of algorithm to use when a network has decision nodes.
Public enumerationEvidenceType
The type of evidence for a variable. When a variable is set to a specific value, this is called Hard evidence.
Public enumerationQueryComparison
Determines whether and how queried values (e.g. probabilities) are adjusted to be comparisons.
Public enumerationQueryDistance
Type of distance to calculate for a query.
Public enumerationQueryEvidenceMode
Determines how predictions on variables with evidence are performed.