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BayesServer.Data.Discovery Namespace

Contains classes and interfaces for generating variables from data.
Public classVariableDefinition
Defines how a variable should be created.
Public classVariableGenerator
Generates variables from a data source.
Public classVariableGeneratorOptions
Options that affect the generation of variables from data.
Public classVariableGeneratorProgressInfo
Interface to provide progress information during data discovery (VariableGenerator).
Public classVariableInfo
Contains the generated Variable and any supplementary information.
Public classVariableInfoCount
Reports weighted and unweighted record counts.
Public classVariableInfoCounts
Reports counts for each variable.
Public classVariableInfoValue
Reports general weighted and unweighted information/statistics about a variable.
Public interfaceIVariableGeneratorProgress
Interface to provide progress information during data discovery (VariableGenerator).
Public enumerationDiscretizationMethod
The method (algorithm) to use for discretization of continuous data.
Public enumerationSortOrder
The sort order of states for new discrete variables.