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BayesServer.Data Namespace

Provides interfaces/classes for handling data.
Public classCrossValidation
Allows test metrics/scores to be calculated using cross validation.
Public classCrossValidationNetwork
Default basic implementation of ICrossValidationNetwork.
Public classCrossValidationOutput
Details of a Cross-Validation partition.
Public classCrossValidationScore
A default simple implementation of ICrossValidationScore.
Public classCrossValidationTestResult
A simple default implementation of ICrossValidationTestResult.
Public classDatabaseDataReaderCommand
Provides a default implementation of IDataReaderCommand for reading databases.
Public classDataCount
Contains methods to count the number of cases that match a given evidence configuration.
Public classDataCountOutput
Contains information returned by DataCount.
Public classDataPartitioning
Determines how data is partitioned.
Public classDataProgressEventArgs
Used to provide progress on how many cases have been read.
Public classDataReader
Reads and validates non temporal and/or temporal data.
Public classDataReaderCommandFiltered
Wraps an existing data reader command while filtering records.
Public classDataReaderFiltered
Wraps an existing data reader while filtering records.
Public classDataTableDataReaderCommand
Default implementation of IDataReaderCommand for in memory data.
Public classDataTableEvidenceReaderCommandFactory
A default implementation of IEvidenceReaderCommandFactory based on a DataTable and a simple partitioning scheme based on a partition column.
Public classEvidenceReader
Provides a default implementation of IEvidenceReader, used in Bayes Server for tasks such as parameter learning.
Public classEvidenceReaderCommand
Creates instances of EvidenceReader on demand.
Public classEvidenceReaderEventArgs
Contains a reference to a reader created by a reader command.
Public classNestedDataReader
Allows nested table to be read using a DataReader.
Public classPartitionDataReaderFilter
A data reader filter based on an integer column, which can contain ids or a zero based partition identifier.
Public classR2CrossValidationTestResult
Represents the R Squared statistic (Coefficient of determination) on a partition of data.
Public classReaderOptions
Options that apply to the reading of non temporal data.
Public classReadOptions
Provides a default implementation of IReadOptions.
Public classTemporalReaderOptions
Options that apply to the reading of temporal data.
Public classVariableReference
Identifies a Variable and data binding information.
Public structureNestedReadInfo
Provides information about a nested table record.
Public structureReadInfo
Provides information about a non temporal record.
Public structureTemporalReadInfo
Provides information about a temporal record.
Public interfaceICrossValidationNetwork
The result of learning on a single cross validation training partitioning.
Public interfaceICrossValidationScore
Interface for cross validation scores. A score is the combined score over each cross validation partitioning.
Public interfaceICrossValidationTestResult
Interface for cross validation test results. Each test result is based on a cross validation test partitioning.
Public interfaceIDataReaderCommand
Interface used by IEvidenceReader in order to read data multiple times.
Public interfaceIDataReaderFilter
Interface to determine whether records should be filtered in a data reader.
Public interfaceIEvidenceReader
A data set iterator, that can be read multiple times.
Public interfaceIEvidenceReaderCommand
Interface used to create instances of IEvidenceReader. Allows evidence to be read from data multiple times.
Public interfaceIEvidenceReaderCommandFactory
Creates evidence reader commands, for repeated iterating of a data set/partition of a data set.
Public interfaceIReadOptions
Provides information to Read.
Public enumerationColumnValueType
Specifies the type of data in a column.
Public enumerationCrossValidationCombineMethod
Ways of combining cross validation test results to form an overall cross validation score.
Public enumerationDataPartitionMethod
Determines whether data is included or excluded from a DataPartitioning.
Public enumerationEmptyStringAction
Determines the action to take when an empty string is encountered.
Public enumerationStateNotFoundAction
Determines the action to take when a state name or value cannot be matched to a variable state. Does not affect Index.
Public enumerationTimeValueType
The type of values stored in a time column.