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Bayes Server 6.13

Latest release - August 09, 2015

New in 6: Distributed parameter learning on Big Data platforms including Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
Auto insight - automatically and dynamically generate insight from a network.
New initialization algorithm - better solutions in less time

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Financial Times
University of Sydney

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What is Bayes Server?

Bayes Server™ is powerful predictive modeling software used in the fields of Machine Learning, Time Series Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.

Bayes Server™ uses Bayesian networks and temporal Bayesian networks to perform tasks such as Classification, Regression, Time Series prediction, Segmentation/Clustering, Density estimation, anomaly detection, Decision Support, reasoning, multivariate data analysis and much more.

Bayes Server™ includes a User Interface and cross platform APIs for building and visualizing models, learning models from data, sampling data, charting, and building complex probability queries, including time series predictions.



We offer a 2 day training course on machine learning with Bayesian networks. Visit our training page for the course outline, and sample material including walkthroughs.